Tapology Release Notes – 2010/10/29


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We’re constantly working on improving our website. Sometimes it’s behind-the-scenes to try and make it run better, and other times it’s new features for you to see and use. We take the feedback we receive seriously, so if there is something bugging you or that you wish the site offered, go ahead and talk to us. Below are the release notes for what’s brand new on Tapology today.

Points & Scoring Updates
We’ve made some changes to how we dole out points. Forum posts are now worth 3 points instead of 2. Updating your rankings are worth a bunch more too, and now you’ll get points every week that you update a ranking, not every month. For the full detail on what activities are worth what, check out the FAQ.

IE 7 Support
Internet Explorer 7 pretty much stinks. The entire Internet looks worse and runs slowly if this is the web browser you are using. But a lot of people still use IE7 so we spent some time to tweak our site so that we support it. Enjoy, you crazy old-school people.

Member Console
There’s a new console that you’ll see on the right side of every page if you are logged in. This is a quick way for you to always see your stats on followers, picks, rankings, forum posts, and points. It’s also a convenient way to quickly jump around the website.

Remember Your Login
Up until now you would have to log back into the site every time you closed the window and then came back to the site. This had been really annoying. No more… Tapology will now remember you when you come back to the site.

Gregory Saks

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