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  • just1moreguy

    Very nice interview Sir Steven Kelliher!Those were good questions.
    Cant wait to see the next season of TUF.I never watched an entire episode of TUF;only the fights were interesting to me.All the drama and other shit never did.But with GSP and Kosh being there,it will change everything.Of course I’m a GSP ‘s fan.And proud of it actually.
    I really think it will be an interesting fight between those two.Kos will be able to challenge GSP more than his last opponents.They were all too weak for GSP,so thats why ppl were sometime disappointed.It take two fighters to make a good fight,
    I dont understand why GSP was the only one to be find accountable.Sure it would’ve been great for GSP to finished those fights,but he didnt.But every fights was a hell of a show,to me at least.
    A total domination of an opponent!All of them ranked in the top 10 best fighters in the world!GSP had the total control over his body,the situation…he was controlling everything from the start till the end!Thats why I hope the next fight will be different.
    He need to be challenged a lil bit!When you make Thiago Alves or Jon Fitch look like total beginners,you know you are good!
    Lets just hope Josh wont have another “Koscheck Connections” up his ass!
    -”I’m not sure if it was a knee,or a toe(!!!)but I know I’ve been hit.”WTF!Shut up!
    I cant wait…

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  • dan boy

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  • Arne Weise

    just1moreguy, you better belive he (Kos) will have another fake hit up hin ass, he pulls them out every time he gets an opportunity to do so. That is just the type of fighter he is!

    With that being said, I still belive GSP will handle him like he does the rest. From where I´m standing Fitch is a tuffer guy than Kos coould ever dream about. If Dana doesn´t pull Kos out of the UFC next time, or at leas warn the guy big time he doesn´t deserve to gain any money from Kos fights.

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