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    Just as a point of clarification, the moment the FDA placed American Cellular Labs on its ‘watched’ list, all products were pulled from the shelves of all 157 Max Muscle Sports Nutrition stores across the country. This was long BEFORE the media picked up on the story from the NY Times and done as soon as any ACL product was targeted at higher levels. Each week, on system-wide calls from headquarters, Franchise owners were implored to remove these items and all did. When the FDA visited the San Francisco (Castro) location – as was publicized – no ACL products were found. A former ACL employee worked at that location and was questioned in addition to having his home searched, and of course, nothing was found.

    In addition, your reference to Belfort’s accusation about Max Tribustak, the product data sheet is referenced here and does not contain the element in question: http://www.maxmuscle.com/catalog-datasheets/sav-48f67c59e1e10-Max_Tribustak_PDS.pdf From the Product Data Sheet “TribuStak supports your
    natural testosterone production with Protodioscin from Tribulus
    and provides the raw material to make the testosterone with

    All Max Muscle Sports Nutrition products and their ingredients are on the home page of their website at http://www.maxmuscle.com listing all ingredients in full disclosure and explanation and the company also places links to the Product Data Sheets to all products in their online store, in addition to placing them within the Education Center of all Max Muscle Sports Nutrition locations to avoid the mis communications that often occur within the industry. Thank you for your attention to this.

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